Dat Comm-Comm


Dat comm-comm is an open working group with a focus on improving the communication around Dat. It is also a place where users and companies can share their experiences using Dat. Loosely structured community communication repo.:

We welcome everyone interested in hyper, dat or similar projects to join us! 🤗



Currently, different volunteers try to have calls about 3~4 times a month. If you have something that you want to talk about, 👉 open an issue with the meeting time and chat location. If you're looking for the ICS calendar file, here it is.

Community Calls


Do you have a new thing made with DAT? Do you want feedback on an issue? If you have something that you think is important to share in the context of DAT: please 👉 open an issue with the relevant information. We will try to pick it up and talk about it at the next weekly call.

Calendar as .ics file